Our End of Summer Deal

by Ethel Rudolph 6. October 2010 14:26

Summer has officially ended. The heat (at least in our part of the world) will soon decrease and the temperatures will dip and walking your dog (or dogs) will become much more enjoyable. Why not make the entire experience more comfortable with the use of our unique accessory for dogs: the DawggieGoPak? You will never have to struggle with your cell phone, keys, iPod or MP3 player, headphones and, of course, the required doggie poop bags. Simply place all your items in the DawggieGoPak, clip it to the leash and off you go! Our nifty dog organizer, or the dog walking bag or dog bag, as some people refer to it, will help make the long leisurely autumn walks even more enjoyable with your faithful and loving pet (or pets) at your side.

We are currently running an end of summer special where the DawggieGoPak is marked down to $14.95 instead of $19.95. This is a limited time offer and will expire at the end of October so hurry and treat yourself to one or more of our organizers!

By the way, they make perfect dog gifts too!

DawggieGoPak attaches to a leash

by Ethel Rudolph 5. October 2010 21:53

Just so you know, the DawggieGoPak will clip to a leash for ealier portability.


The Perfect Accessory for Dogs and Dog Owners

by Ethel Rudolph 22. September 2010 09:01

Holiday time will be upon us before we realize. The DawggieGoPak is a perfect gift for dog owners.  To put it simply, it allows a dog owner to make the experience of taking their pets for a walk easier and more convenient.

You can probably relate to this. You wake up in the morning and realize that you overslept and that you are going to have to rush if you are to make it to work on time. And then it hits you that you have to take your dog for his or her morning walk because if you don’t, you know what you may come back to. So you run all over the house, gathering your keys, cellphone and any other required items and stashing them in various pockets. You dress appropriately, grab the leash  and of course your dog and dash out of the house and are half-way down the block before you realize that you forgot those pesky poop bags.

You struggle with going back home because you realize that you are tight on time. In the end, being a good citizen wins and you run back home to get the poop bags. And you have to cut short your walk because of that.

Now imagine if you had a DawggieGoPak – our unique dog accessory, complete with doggie poop bags. You could keep a set of spare keys in the DawggieGoPak and all you have to do is to stick in your cellphone, clip it to the leash and you are ready for your morning walk. No more fumbling and moreover, no more forgetting the doggie poop bags because the DawggieGoPak comes with them!!

Don’t have a dog? No matter. It’s a perfect gift for a dog owner. Remember, the holiday season is going to be here real soon. Why wait? Take advantage of our end-of-summer deal!

The Creation of DawggieGoPad

by Ethel Rudolph 4. September 2010 11:10

How did DawggieGoPak come into existence? What led to the creation of this unique product? What was the inspiration behind this? DawggieGoPak was created out of love and necessity. In December 2008, I became the proud parent of 2 adorable and spunky cavapoos. Now, I was a first time dog owner and taking the dogs for walks was interesting so say the very least. It is the same story with many dog owners. My cell phone was in one pocket, keys on my wrist, and poop bags in another pocket. I got fed up of this quickly and turned to the Internet to try to find a dog walking organizer but to my surprise, there was nothing available. This sparked the idea of creating the perfect dog walking accessory. I went to the fabric store and that is how DawggieGoPak came into existence. I am proud to say that the product is 100% Made in the USA

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