Our End of Summer Deal

by Ethel Rudolph 6. October 2010 14:26

Summer has officially ended. The heat (at least in our part of the world) will soon decrease and the temperatures will dip and walking your dog (or dogs) will become much more enjoyable. Why not make the entire experience more comfortable with the use of our unique accessory for dogs: the DawggieGoPak? You will never have to struggle with your cell phone, keys, iPod or MP3 player, headphones and, of course, the required doggie poop bags. Simply place all your items in the DawggieGoPak, clip it to the leash and off you go! Our nifty dog organizer, or the dog walking bag or dog bag, as some people refer to it, will help make the long leisurely autumn walks even more enjoyable with your faithful and loving pet (or pets) at your side.

We are currently running an end of summer special where the DawggieGoPak is marked down to $14.95 instead of $19.95. This is a limited time offer and will expire at the end of October so hurry and treat yourself to one or more of our organizers!

By the way, they make perfect dog gifts too!

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